Thursday, October 25, 2012

Red and yellow make orange!

One of my favorite fall projects is creating a pumpkin patch.  It begins with having my class mix red and yellow paint to make - yes, orange.  After it dries, the students cut out their own pumpkin, add a stem and make a "vine."  The vine is make from cutting "snake" out of a circle. The pumpkins find a place in the pumpkin patch and the fun begins.  The varied shades of orange - red/orange are amazing. Some years we add corn stalks and scarecrows, fencing... This year we went with the simple addition of bats.  This involved tracing the "head" and "wings."  They boys added "scary" red eyes and sharp teeth.  

On "Halloween" the students will carve their pumpkins.  I think that is my favorite part. Equipped with a fresh sharpie, the pumpkins get their "faces." Here is the patch as we see it now.  I will add the photo after the "carving" is completed.

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