Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pokey Pin Fall Leaves

I just love Autumn.  I love the smells, the colors, the holidays, all of it.  I was married in October, and my husband and son both celebrate their birthdays in October, as well.

So to celebrate the beautiful changes that will be happening to the leaves, we made our own fall leaves.

We cut yellow, red and orange crepe paper into 1" squares.  Next, we cut wax paper sheets equal to the number of students.  Each sheet was about 14' long.  Fold it in half so that a regular sheet of paper fits inside.

We copied a fall leaf shape onto the white paper and used a black marker to boldly trace the outside edge of the leaf. 

Next, we cut out the center of the leaf.

The class then spread Elmer's Glue on the bottom side of the wax paper.  Then you collage away. When you are satified with the collage, spread glue on the other side of the wax paper and close the "book."  Use your hand to spread the glue evenly and to ensure that the wax paper is sealed.  Let it dry and then glue the leaf shape on top of it.  Once that dries, cut out the shape.

The final step was to "pokey pin" (use a push pin and poke holes evenly around the black border of the leaf shape.) along the bold black outline of the leaf.  You need to do it on a rug or get a few carpet samples to put on a desk.  Also, it is great to "store" the push pins on an eraser.  So easy. 

My class was so very proud of the final products.  And they look amazing in the windows.

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