Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Learning Addresses

My class has been working on learning their addresses.  They were promised that once they "knew" their addresses we would mail a letter!  Well they finally did it.

I had them each "address" an envelope.  All they had to do was to write their name in the right place.  Next, they dictated their address, and I wrote it down. Then they drew a picture on a paper that said, "I know my address!"  at the top.  I added a little note and some Halloween stickers (they did not know that part!)  I stuffed the envelopes.

In advance, we scheduled time in our mailroom.  With our letters in hand, we headed to the meet with our helper and put our envelopes in the machine to get our "stamps!"  The best part was that they barely were able to reach the machine.

Here is hoping that they get them tomorrow!  They were so excited!

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