Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hillebrand the Wicked Witch

I feel that we cannot do enough creative drawing with our classes.  Just spending time drawing and coloring is something most kindergartners do very little of these days.

I came across a wonderful poem that describes "Willebrand - a Wicked Witch."  Working with older buddies, (I have done it with 3rd and also with 8th grades buddied with my kindergartners.) the students use their listening skills and their imagination to draw a witch as described in the poem.

Wicked Witch Willebrand

Wicked Witch Willebrand was scary indeed,
A nose like a banana, eyes like seeds.
Her mouth was so wide it dimpled her cheeks,
And made it quite difficult for her to speak.
Willebrand’s ears were large and very furry.
Her hair was bright red and always quite curly.
On top of her head was hat oh so tall,
If she didn’t stand up straight, most likely she’d fall.
Very long fingers were on her broad hands.
She wore rings of many colors, purple, red, green, and tan.
Her nails were two feet long and pointed like a steeple.
Wow! What a scary sight she must have been to people!
Her black dress was long, usually dragging on the street,
But the funniest part was her tiny little feet.
Her five toes were curled up as she walked to and fro.
But where could such a funny lady really go?

Here are some samples our final products this year. I highly recommend it.  Not one student said they couldn't do it and all were quite proud of their uniquely individual final products.

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