Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Simple tips that save lots of time!

I must admit that I love reading all the blogs out there!  Being out of school is a nice change.  I have actually read some books not related to school.  4 in the last 2 weeks!  Love that.  I try to read as much as I can now until August 1st.  Then it is back to mainly school related books...

Anyway, here are some tips I heard a while back.

Use a dry erase marker to "erase" permanent marker on laminated materials.

I have these great ice cream cones that I use for my birthdays...  There are 12 of them and I write the names of each student and their date on it...  I have used them for 3 years now.  A fellow teacher saw me struggling with the nail polish remover... and said, "Don't you know about the dry erase marker?"  and showed me how it works.  Simply, write over your printed permanent marker (any color works) and then erase with a dry paper towel, dry erase marker...  And there you have it.  Done.  So simple.  I am happy every time I do it! 

And my all time favorite!

Use a yellow (only yellow not green or pink) highlighter to save your final copies in centers.

Guess what!  If you use a yellow highlighter and write "Last copy" or draw a big happy face, or write "See me"  whatever you want on your final copy of a document in a center...  you will never run out or lose your original copy.  I have tried using "post its" or paper clipping a note... but that never works.  Trust me and I am sure you know it, too.  A student will not use the final copy that has yellow highlighter on it.  They will always let you know it is time for more copies!  And, the best part is that the yellow highlighter does not show up on the copies when you xerox it.  Smarter not harder!  Yeah!

So that's it for my tips for today!  Happy 4th of July!

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