Saturday, July 14, 2012

1st day "Sticker Swap"

This fall I will be going back to Kindergarten.  I started teaching there and never imagined doing anything else.  I love them!  Kindergarten students are so eager to learn and to please.  Trust me, I know that they are a lot of work, but I am ready!  I have been teaching 2nd grade for the past 5 years and I love them, too.

One of the activities I look forward to doing again involves "swapping stickers."  Each student shares their name sticker with each other.   Don't all 5 year olds, love stickers?

Here is what you need:
  • Laminated cardstock -one for each student
  • Mailing label "stickers" for each student with only their name on it.  Have an amount equal to the number of students in the class.

Create a paper on "Word" that reads:

Friends I made in my class today!

Have that up at the top of the paper and copy it onto cardstock. Laminate the papers.  Write the number of the students in the bottom corner.  That way the students can count the names... to make sure they have one from everyone.

Next, make stickers for each student with only their names on each sticker.  I usually did their first names only and the first initial of the last names for the repeats.  (One year I had 3 Jacks!)  You can get as creative with the font... as you like.  You can do each student a different color, different font... lots of possibilities here.

Then let the fun begin!  Have them share their stickers.

And now you will have a great paper for the students to take home that they can share with their family...  They have a lot of new names to remember, and it is great to have them like that.  '

I make one, too.  It gets hung in the classroom.  We all like to see our names...

Such a simple activity, but so fun and meaningful!



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  1. This sounds like fun. I may have to try this! :)