Monday, July 16, 2012

Must have picture books

I have been a little hesitant about "linky parties." 
But, today I found one about picture books.
I just cannot resist that.

How hard can it be for me to share 5 of my favorite picture books?
So, here it goes. (There could be so many more!)

Check out the five I am recommending.   Then head on over to The Teacher's Wife and find more!

This is a great play on the Three Little Bears.  My class always hollers "Again!"
Great play in the situation and role reversal.  Must read!

Great wordless book.  One of my all time favorite wordless books.
There is great illustration and my favorite page includes pancakes with wings!
Can be a good book on tape done by your class.
Then put it in your listening library!

Great play on the "catching" a cold.  
Can it be done with a baseball mitt, a net...
Check it out!

One of my favorites to read aloud.
You can have the students count the baby ducks in each page,
follow the butterfly,
and you can change your voice for each "friend" mother duck asks for help,
ie, the beaver with a stick in its mouth (read with my finger in my mouth like a stick...)
or the underwater conversation...
The class loves to imitate it when the read it on their own.

Cannot say enough about this book.
Terrific book that calls to body language,
making friends,
and seeking acceptance.
Have read it the first day for 12 years!
They always seek it out for independent reading...


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  2. Pancakes for Breakfast! How fun. I love Tomie de Paola!
    Eileen Griffin
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    1. Glad you found me.
      I love this book. An older woman awakes one morning in the winter... thinking about pancakes. Finds the recipe... gathers ingredients... and finds she needs maple syrup. On her return, problem while she was out... and my favorite is her thinking "bubble" showing pancakes with wings!

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  6. I'm so glad I found your blog today. Thanks for your book suggestions! I can't wait to see how I can use these in my own classroom.

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  7. I love Somebody and the Three Blairs too. And I have heard fabulous things about Yo! Yes? Gotta check it out.

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