Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy 100th Day!

We celebrated our 100th on Tuesday.  This is the latest we have ever done so. With Hurricane Sandy, a nor'easter, and a few snow days, it got pushed so far!

Nonetheless, the boys were very excited about doing so.  We began with a breakfast.  One parent was allowed to join their son for our morning events.  We had bagels, fruit salad, donuts, and beverages.  

After all  were well fed, the work began.  Stations were set up.  

Roll to 100!
Tally to 100!
Estimate and then determine exactly how far 100 steps will take you.
Strike a pose (using our 100th day frame)!
Make a crown.
Create a trail mix of 100 goodies.

Each boy got a ticket to punch after each center was completed.

We had a terrific day.  Of course we also, did 100 exercises, counted to 100 and back, read (listened to) 100 pages, and wrote our first names, and then our initials, as many times as possible in 100 seconds.
We made it!

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