Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"D" is for "Lots of Dots" and a freebie

We recently celebrated the letter "D."

Together we learned to write the letter, find words that begin with this letter sound, make a list of the many words know that begin with it, do a craft and more.

One of the activities included completing individual books.  You really should try this!  They were all so very excited.  "This is my best day ever!"  "Can I keep this book?"  "I love this book!"

It is a book that just covers so much.  It is math, illustration, reading, and totally engaging.

You will need a packet of the colored dots from a store like "Staples" - the ones frequently used for tag or yard sales.  You could use bingo dabbers, just be careful it does not bleed through to the back of the page...

The book is titled "My Lots of Dots Book."

You start with one dot on the first page and build to ten dots on the last page.  I have the class write the word for the number on each page and then put the page number in the corner in a circle.  That way they have a reference for the word they wrote...

One dot can make the sun.

Two dots can make the eyes of a bear. 

Three dots can make marbles in my hand.

And so on...

Here are some photos.

Here is your freebie.
If you would like to make this book with your class, click here for link to the document.
Let me know how it works. 

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