Sunday, September 2, 2012

My room!

Well, it is finally ready!

There was such anxiety getting here.  I am not good with physical intelligence.  Give me a room all set... and I will live in it a while, and change it to suite me.  Setting up from nothing is stressful for me.  The former teacher moved her things out at the end of the year.  I moved all my books... down and just put them up on the shelves.  Clearly they were not to stay there, but at least I got it all there.  Of course, there were things left, as they were thought to be of use/help to me.  That involved so much work.  Wish I had taken before photos because it would have been amazing.  The idea of taking those photos gave me stress.

My room is amazing as it has windows on three walls!  It is only a few years old and I have the room at the very end.  The playground is along one side and a tennis court - turned sport court for field hockey and basketball is at the end.  So I LOVE the windows, but it leaves little wall space.  With the help of my partner, I covered bulletin boards and brought the paper to the floor.  I put paper up where there was not bulletin boards.  Sadly, this room is mine for only one year.  So I did not invest too much.

Here goes,

So, there it is.  My meeting area, entrance, word wall, reading corner, desk, birthday wall and play area.

School starts on Wednesday.  We have new family orientation on Tuesday, so some of the students will come to that.  They will come see our room, listen to a brief story... and head back to Mom and Dad.

I must say that I was inspired by so many of you who have shared your photos.  Here's to a great year!


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