Monday, August 20, 2012

Gathering Poem

Well, it is getting closer and closer to that first day.  I have spent a few days working on only the layout in my new room!  It is a greatly spacious room with beautiful windows and vaulted ceilings, but very little wall space with only one good usable corner.  (My desk is in one corner - and has to stay as this is a temporary room location for me; one corner connects to the adjoining room and has an outside exit, too; and the other corner is the entrance.)  I finally have a good workable layout with a play area, a reading corner, a place for morning meeting, and a place for me to work with small groups. Yeah.  Stay tuned.

Since it has been a while, I thought I would share a favorite rhyme I use to gather my class for morning meeting, lessons on the rug...  I like it because it gets the class to sit correctly, the rhyme is easy to remember and after a while, the children fill in the blanks...

                                                 1  -  2   You know what to do!
                                                 3  -  4   Sit in the floor.
                                                 5  -  6   Our feet we fix!
                                                 7  -  8   Sit up straight!
                                                 9  - 10  We listen again.

Here's hoping we all have a great start to the year and that you find this little poem helpful!


P.S. Proud to be a 5-Star Blogger.  Thanks for the idea Charity. 

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