Friday, September 7, 2012

1st Week in Kindergarten

Well, we made it through our first week in Kindergarten!  Happily it was only 3 days.  The heat was incredible and the first day we all had sweat running down our faces just sitting there!  Fortunately, a fellow teacher had a spare fan and we were able to get the air moving at least.

We took it simple and got acquainted with the routine, completed a few projects and survived lunch in the cafeteria with the rest of the lower school.

On the first day, we took a tour of the school.  My partner and I (there are 2 Kindergarten classrooms) had given 6 places a pair of letters.  "Kindergarten" happens to be 12 letters, so we each collected 6 letters.  We visited the headmaster, the front office, the science room, the nurse's office, the kitchen, the library and more.  Some, not all gave us letters they "found" as they were preparing their rooms.  Trust me when I say that the students caught on very quickly, and were soon asking everyone if they "found" a letter. 

Today, we got the 2 classes together and put the letters together.  The boys were surprised to see it spelled "Kindergarten."  Amazing, right?  Here is the photo we took as we celebrated!

That was inspired by all the great photos seen on Pinterest.
I had done a "Welcome" sign for my classroom yesterday.  I do not have a sink in my room, and it was just too hot to do the painting... so I went for the heart shape with the hands.
They were too happy to put their hands together.  Keeping them only on the outline of the heart was just not working no matter what I said.  Still great though!  Thanks, Pinterest! 
Here's to a year of helping hands and happy hearts!

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  1. Hi my friend,
    you have been busy!!! What a great blog, classroom and teacher!!!! I love to see all these small hands. Your students are lucky.