Sunday, June 30, 2013

Year End Poem

It has been way too long!  So sorry.  I plan to have an active blog over the summer.

Our daughter graduated from college in May.  So proud of her.  She immediately started an accelerated nursing program at a local university.  In 15 months she will have a second degree in nursing, and hopefully 2 months after that her license.

This was my first year in Kindergarten in this school.  (I taught 2nd for 5 yrs before.)  There was so much year end work to do... and we do narrative reports cards...  And I work summer camp which started directly after school got out.  Enough said,

Having previously taught Kindergarten, I had some favorite things I could share.  Many of you do the monthly or weekly poems.  It is such a meaningful way to address reading and make it fun, as well.

Here is the poem I always place in the end of the book.  I trace my hand first, then call a student over.  I read the poem to him/her and then we hold hands for a minute...  Lastly, I trace their hand over mine.

Love it!  Hope you do, too.  Click on the title below for a freebie.

This hand I hold I touch it now
For all eternity.
And the knowledge that I share
I give from me to you.

In hope that all you do and say
Reflects your lessons learned.
And all the awards that you receive
Are ones that you have earned.

I am your present teacher
And your true friend,
But, though the year is over
My thoughts of you will never end!

Hope you have a wonderful summer.

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