Monday, April 8, 2013

B is for Bumblebee Boy

We are finishing up the study of the letter B. Reading the book "The Adventures of Bumblebee Boy" by Jacky Davis was a highlight.

"Bumblebee Boy" fights dragons, defeats pirates, and more.  The highlighting of child imagination is wonderful.  Problem is that he wants to be a superhero all by himself.  His little brother Owen wants to join in the fun.  First he is told he can't be a superhero because he doesn't have a cape.  Once he has one he can't because a cape is not the only thing superhero's wear...  In the end, little Owen has a cape, a hat, and green goggles.  The best part is that Bumblebee Boy finally agrees to join forces.  So as we get to the last page, we make all kinds of guesses as to what Owen's new name will be! (Great opportunity for predictions.) Only to find he does not get one!  How is that possible?

So, I seized the opportunity and suggested we name him. We agreed to think on it over night and to name and illustrate him the next day.  The students wrote in their journals.  Some of the created names included:

Bumble Goggle Boy, Captain Pajamas, Bumble Baby, Captain Wasp, Bumble Boy, Captain Baby, Captain Owen, Jet Flier, Captain of the Stars, Captain Baby Pants, Captain Army Pants and more.

Here are some of the illustrations.  Love their creativity.

We highly recommend this book.  If you try this, do let me know.  We may be writing our next adventure.  Stay tuned.  


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