Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snowman Last Names

Well we are back to school on Monday.  It has been a wonderfully relaxing break.

That said, I have had fun creating centers.  All of it is snowman themed. Still working on how to put them all here for you to download...  So I am starting small.

I always start the "new" year with a focus on last names.  All papers will now be required to have both first and last names.  I wish I remember where I saw it, but I saw snowmen with the last names all lined up nicely from most to last.  

Here is what the document looks like.  I plan to have the class cut out the circles.  They will need one "ball" for each letter of their last name.  Next they will be linked and hung in the classroom.  Click here  to download the document.

Sorry, that is not a great picture.  I used my phone.  Can you see that one that looks like perfect rectangle?  I was surprised too!  Each student received a strip of paper to glue the "snowballs" onto.  It seems that he does not like anything hanging over the sides.  He glued the edges of the head first and came to show me.  Then he proceeded to do the same with the rest of the snowman.  This really tickled me.  We all know no two snowmen are alike...

Happy New Year!

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