Monday, January 7, 2013

Label show and tell

We were all very happy to be back to school today.  I love watching the boys enter the classroom.  Their smiles and enthusiams are palpable.

There are lots of new things that start the year.  One of them includes having the students label their show and tell items.  This year my class loves giving clues, almost in riddle format.  Each student will present 3 clues, and then field 3 guesses.  Much like baseball, 3 strikes and we are out.  They get very excited when the item is guessed before striking out!

Today one of the items was presented with "only letter clues."  Love that!

1.  It starts with the sound of the letter "c."
2.  It comes from something that starts with the letter "s."
3.  It ends with the letter "L."

All show and tell items are put on a special shelf.  There we can admire, but not touch without permission, all day.  Now all items will have a label.  Here are the other items from today.

One was the money received from the tooth fairy and the other was a photo from a very cool trip dog sledding experienced over the winter break!
These labels will add something really fun to "writing the room."
Try it!

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