Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monthly Weather Graphs

Kindergarteners love giving the daily weather reports.  I have an amazing stuffed "wireless" microphone that my students use.  We sing the weather song while our "meteorologist" checks outside the windows and prepares to give us the weather report.  He must greet the class, give his name and then report the weather.  We save each day's weather card and at the end of the month we graph the results.  It is actually a highlight of the month.  I have been doing this for years and they never cease to cheer and yell for their winners.  "Yeah - Sunny!  I knew it!"

Here is the one I use for the first few month.  I include the graphics so each student can read it.  And of course we graph from the bottom up.  In January, we do not have the pictorial clues.
And I am proud to day, I have used this graph to make my first "Teachers Pay Teachers" freebie!

CLICK HERE  to grab your own set (Sept. - June).
I love comments - so please let me know if you download it!

Thank you!  Here's to days of Abundant Sunshine!

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