Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hey, Little Ant.

I am crazy for godd books.  Another great one for all to read to their class (any level) is Hey, Little Ant.  Here is a link for more info.  Hey , Little Ant

Simply, this book is about a boy eager to squish and ant.  And yet, the ant argues back.  "Hey, what I were big and you were small?"  The boy and the ant debate.  The book ends with the choice being up to the reader.

And here lies the great writing opportunity.  "What would you do?"  The class did a terrific job expressing their opinions.  It was equally split, with even one boy who was conflicted and just could not decide.  So I encouraged him to write that, and he did.
Regretfully, I just could not link my document.  I made it on word, with text box, writing lines (using shapes) and found a coloring page with a sneaker they could add AFTER the writing was complete.

Here are some samples.

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