Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dr. Seuss

Hooray for Dr. Seuss!

You either love him or you don't.  My husband never really enjoyed reading these varied rhyming books.  I love them!  In class we celebrated reading a different one every day.

We read "The Cat in the Hat" and "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back."  We compared the two books and did a venn diagram.  I don't know, "Would you tell your mother?"

One of the boys in the class was the "Star of the Week" and chose "The Lorax" as his "read aloud."  I had my own copy so I held my copy up for the class to look at while he held his handy for reading.  It was perfect actually because I could help him with tricky words... and pause for discussion.  That is a long book so it took two days.

The class had homework to answer some comprehension questions.  And then we had fun.  I had seen on the web a format for "Lorax" "Mustache."

I  copied one, cut it out on yellow paper, attached it to a stick... and took a picture of each student holding it up to their face.  It was so fun.  Most interesting was how some studends really felt funny... almost embarrased when they saw the pictures.  In the end, they all loved the transformations!

I made my own drawing of the "Lorax" standing on a stump (minus the head- so easy really.)  You can  use Power Point - "insert" then choose "album".  I uploaded all the photos.  You can choose how you want the photos... 2 per slide was perfect size.  Print and then cut them out and glue them onto the picture.  We added speech bubbles...  "If I was the Lorax, I would say..."  Made an amazing bulletin board in the hallway.  Here are some photos.

We also had special guest readers.  Several teachers came to read and one of our administrators read the "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins."  We were told to wear hats for the special reading.  Great fun and terrific Dr. Seuss book if you are not familiar. 

Lastly, I had some stationary with a picture of "The Cat in the Hat" in the bottom left corner.  The class was invited to draw their own picture of the what it would be like if they got to "play" with "The Cat in the Hat."  It was quite impressive.  Having his picture right there on the page game the class freedom to try to draw him.  Hope you like the pictures.  We are planning to read more Dr. Seuss books for the rest of the month!

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